Wednesday, February 6, 2008

(Not So) Kickass Cupcakes

So since one of my "interests" is cupcakes and I consider myself to be a conoisseur of these little pieces of heaven, I feel it is my duty to post on the subject.

In the few years I lived in MA I sampled quite a few cupcakes, from Bova's (good at 2 am after a night out, tolerable any other time) to Lulu's (the red velvet cupcake is worth a special trip).

One day while in Davis Square I noticed a bakery called Kickass Cupcakes. My first thought was "That's a big name to live up to" second thought "OMG I need it all right now". Alas, it was closed, and would be every time I had time to stop by (normally very early or very late...their store hours are actually pretty long, I just always missed by 1/2 hour or so). Finally, on the night before I moved, the stars aligned and the store was open. For sampling my companion and I chose a Mojito cupcake, the Lucky Cupcake (lemon) and a twice baked reeses pieces confection. We almost ordered a deep fried cupcake (!!!) but...let's not get ridiculous.

The verdict: In the words of the companion, also an expert in cupcakes, "...not so kickass"! I was so let down! You'd think with the name, and the cool packaging, and the unique choices I'd be satisfied, at least. The mojito cupcake's tangy-ness left a sour aftertaste and the Lucky cupcake was heavy and almost dough-y. The twice baked "thing" seemed more like a stale cookie with candy pieces slapped on it. Sad.

After all this, I'm still not ready to give up on Kickass Cupcakes . I hold out hope that next time I get to Somerville I'll find that I must have visited on an off day and that the cupcakes are, in fact, kickass.

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