Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Live From Our Nation's Capital...

I have my own blog? Gasp. I swore I would never create one of these but a perfect storm of new experiences, a new city, and mild work-day boredom have inspired me to start one.

Let me just start by saying it's February 6th and currently 71 degrees out. On days like today I wonder what on earth posessed me to stay in New England for so long! People in the office are complaining that it might rain later but I tell you what-- I'd take a thunderstorm over cold, slushy, "wintery mix" any day.

Second, here's what I've observed of DC: People always say its a lot like Boston but to me it couldn't be more different. Where Boston is the dirty and in-your-face junkie that hangs outside the 7-11 near Park St., DC is the clean cut, mild-mannered businesswoman in the Mercedes that lets you cross the street _even when she has the green light_. Of course every now and then I'm nostalgic for the thick Southie accents or a Dunkin' Donuts coffee-- but it's a refreshing change to have strangers say "Good Morning"...and SMILE! I had to laugh a little the other day when a car passing beeped ( a beep not a honk) and the man standing next to me said in the most serene, mild mannered tone "Oh, shut the fuck up". Everything is just so different!

We're gearing up for Japan Fest here at the center and there is a robot in the lobby that is way too realistic for my liking . More on that later.

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Kate said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you have a blog too! I felt really guilty about starting one.